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Affordable gift ideas for the writer in your life

‘Tis the season for celebrations, gift giving, and hot cocoa. Do you have a special writer in your life still on your list? Or maybe you are a writer and your loved ones keep asking you what you want for Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) this year, but you don’t know what to ask for. Well, I gathered some of the favorite writer gifts I’ve received over the years and wanted to share.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Honestly, the simplest gifts are always the most meaningful. Many of the following gift ideas will fit in a stocking and most of them are very affordable.

The key to a great gift is the thought behind the giving, not the amount of money spent.


Pens are vital for any writer, even if they prefer to outline and draft online. Sometimes even the most tech-savvy writers need to shake things up and write things out. Plus, I can’t be the only writer who constantly loses pens.

If you know the writer in your life prefers pencils, colored pencils, markers, or crayons, then buy those writing utensils. These are also great for the writer who draws their worlds before writing them.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are the lifeblood for many creatives. With so many uses, a writer is bound to run out every few months. Plus, sticky notes are a bit pricey for a random grocery store run, so they are perfect gifts, especially when paired with a cute holder they can place on their writing desk.


Writers can never have too many notebooks. Cheap spiral bounds (best when you stock up around back to school shopping time!) and cute hard covers are both useful. A stack of spiral bounds is perfect for the no-nonsense writer who always runs out. A detailed, hard cover or leather-bound notebook is always a perfect gift, especially paired with an elegant pen. 

Backup flash drives and external hard drives

While the internet, including Google DOCs and Dropbox, have simplified the sharing of documents, flash drives are still very handy for a variety of reasons. Writers can send and backup their work on flash drives. You can pick up a pack of flash drives for fairly cheap at your local grocery store. You earn bonus points if you buy a cute one.

Even though Google Drive now houses all of my DOCs, I still have an external drive where I occasionally backup my work. Having files saved in multiple places, on a hard drive and in the cloud, gives peace of mind to someone who spent hours writing. I suggest going to Best Buy or another electronics store so you can buy the best one for your writer’s needs. Do they hoard photos on their laptop? Or do they let Google or Pinterest do that? Photos take up more room that Word DOCs do, so this knowledge matters when purchasing an external hard drive.

Calligraphy pen and set

What writer hasn’t dreamed about writing a manuscript (or at least a letter) in beautiful calligraphy? If they already have a calligraphy set, buy them a new colored ink to encourage them to use it more.


Spy on their Goodreads to-read list or Amazon wish list. You’re bound to find at least one good gift idea there (pun intended). 

Books on the craft of writing

For the serious writer in your life, buy them a book on the craft of writing. These may not be on their to-read list, but they will probably like them, read them, and refer to them often. Find books on the craft at this link


You just bought your writer a book or two. Naturally, you need to pair it with a cute bookmark! You can DIY bookmarks (which is a perfect gift from kids!), buy some at the bookstore, or check out this book light bookmark that is perfect for the night owl reader.

Magazine subscription

Does your writer already own a ton of books on the craft of writing? Then gift them a magazine subscription on the craft of writing

If they talk about getting their work published, look into these literary magazines.

Helpful tech

What writing software does your writer use? Do they need an upgrade? This is where they spend most of their time as a writer, so this can get a bit pricey, but I promise it’s worth it. Check out these ideas. Do they talk about Scrivener often but never take the plunge? Buy it here


Writers have books, but where do they store them? While bookshelves are the priciest thing on this list, they are necessary for every writer. They come in all shapes, heights, and sizes, and can be personalized for the writer. Check out these bookshelves that will be delivered straight to your door. 

If you can build a bookshelf yourself, it’s really just a labor of love. Check out this website on how to build the perfect bookshelf. 

Want more gift inspiration? HS Deurloo wrote her own gift guide at this link

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