Being a Writer Curator

I’ve been doing some cleaning out of old files, papers, and documents. You know what I found? More boring than I care to admit. I’m not talking about old bills either.

I found-gulp-boring stories. Stories that told everything from the day of my character from brushing teeth in the morning to turning off the lamp before bed. It’s like I was transcribing instead of writing.

The big concern is, then, what do you actually include in a story?

As writers we aren’t here to be the surveillance camera for our characters. We aren’t here to tell about the mundane moments of life. We are here to tell the parts that matter in the bigger scheme (read: plot).

Writers should focus on compressed narration that really gets into the story.

A transition scene can be done with a chapter or scene break far more easily and with way less chitchat for the reader to wade through. This is exciting! You get to choose what really matters and why. Lets get crazy and focus on the deepest parts of the story. Doing this will create a rich plot that will leave readers excited to find out what perfectly picked scene you’ll have made next.

Happy Questing!

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