Living Intentionally

Many of us look back on time that has gone by with a fleeting feeling of anxiety. Wasn’t it just spring? What have I been doing all summer? Now is the time to live intentionally, not next week or next year– Now.

For me this feeling of lost time has hit me in the gut one to many times. So now, once a week, I pick something that will make that time gone by something tangible that I can remember and be glad I did. Something that makes me better in one way or another. Some of these are simple and you may already do, others are complicated and time-consuming. However, with time being the one thing we cannot get more of we should spend it carefully.

Read a Book- Whether it’s a fun read or something more informational books are a great way to not only learn but to work on your comprehension skills.

Take a Class- All of us have that one thing we always wished we could do. I’m considering dance lessons, if I can get my hubby to come.

Find a Mentor- As I have aged I have come to realize my mother is not a dumb or lame as I originally thought. And my grandmother is downright brilliant. Seek out a figure in your life whom you may have underestimated but has a life perspective you can only imagine.

Get in Shape- As a new mom I have come to appreciate exercise. Not only do I feel better physically but I have a better outlook on myself. I still hate running, however the results are worth it.

Set a Goal- think about what you want your life to look like next year and how to get there. Is it a work promotion- take that extra shift at work to get noticed. Maybe a relationship change- get out and meet new people.

Cook Something New- Switching up your eating can take three meals from drab to fab. You got to eat, you might as well make it awesome. At your supermarket buy one item you have never cooked with and try to incorporate it into a meal (hello brussel sprouts).

What have you done lately to live on purpose?


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