Goal Setting

We are slowly approaching the end of the year, it’s been a doozy. What will you be doing next year? I’m not necessarily talking about loosing that holiday weight, I mean for your life. How are you going to level up you? One way is to set a goal.

We all have dreams. It’s time to make them work for us by transforming them into goals.

Here are the elements of a goal:

  1. Timeframe- Without a timeline or date your goal is going to look a lot more like a dream. Some dates are easy, run a 5k on x day, others less so. Pick a date and set your pace to achieve it in that time. If you want to write a book that’s 90k words at 1k words a day with weekends off great, do the math it’s 18 weeks.
  2. Reasonable- You can’t run a marathon after a week of training, please don’t try. Make your goal something you can actually do in the timeframe as long as you are determined to stick with your scheduled program.
  3. Measurable- If you can’t measure it how do you know you’ve made progress or achieved it? What your increments? Miles traveled, words written, pounds lost. It’s up to you and your specific goal.
  4. Accountable– Tell someone who will hold you to your goal. Someone who will motivate you when you really don’t want to do it (so not your cat).  If you don’t have someone in your life like that find a group of people online who have your same goal and get connected with them.

You don’t have to stop with one big thing. I’m sure you do this for small stuff all the time(hello, to-do list). So here we go, lets set up a few goals and get going, no need to wait till the new year to level up in life, you can start now.

Here’s my goal feel free to check in on me about it anytime:

I’d like to write my rough draft for a new Fantasy I’ve already plotted and outlined. I can reasonably write 750 words a day, 5 days a week and it should be about 70k words long. It will take me 5 months to do this. I’ve told my husband (and you!) about my goal.

I’ve made a reasonable goal, inside a timeframe, with results that I can measure, and asked for an accountability buddy.

What’s your new goal?

Happy Questing!


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