7 Ways to Find Inspiration

A Guest Post by Theresa Braun

I started wondering where it was that I get my inspiration when I write. Here, I’ve come up with a list of things that have triggered my creativity. My hope is that you might find some additional ways to spark your own.

  1. Travel: Going to new places in one of my favorite ways to get my creative juices flowing. There is something magical about exploring the unknown and getting in touch with the vibe somewhere you’ve never been. For me, it’s a way to get out of my everyday life and my routine. It rejuvenates me in a way nothing else can. Some of my favorite trips: Venice, London, and Bran, Romania.
  2. Movies/Books: Now, I’m not suggesting that you steal anyone else’s ideas. That would be just ludicrous. However, sometimes getting lost in another world or story can ignite your own imagination. This is one of the reasons I love going to the movies, binge watching Netflix, or picking up a novel/short story.
  3. Eavesdropping: I know, I know, it sounds creepy at first. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spend quality time listening in on someone’s conversation. As a child, I remember several good ones my parents had—sometimes about me. As an adult, I love sitting at a café or on an airplane, just keeping my ears open. You never know the whole story, but it’s fun to fill in the gaps, creating your own.
  4. Artwork/Images: I have a few favorite artists. One of them is Waterhouse. I love to surround myself with things I like to look at. That alone inspires me. I challenge you to take it a step further and be open to pictures or art that crosses your path. Maybe it’s on the internet, scrolling by on Twitter, or an advertisement in a magazine. Get lost in those images and let your mind create scenarios.
  5. Situations in Life: If you are lucky enough, you can draw from daily experiences—either your own or someone else’s. I can’t tell you how many times a friend will be frustrated and be complaining about something weird that happened. My first thing is to get that person to see the humor in it. If they are a writer, I insist that they put it in a story. Life’s little tragedies can be a creative blessing.
  6. Journaling: Whether it’s a dream journal or a daily journal, this can be a goldmine. More than one of my dreams has made it into a story. The trick is to write it down before the details fade. Sometimes, if they are nightmares, they might stick with you even if you don’t want them to. So, use them—and the feelings you get. The same can be true for random thoughts you might write down after a long day or on vacation.
  7. The News/Internet Feed: If you are a true-crime writer, you already do this. But if you aren’t, pay attention to the crazy stories that are reported every day. I don’t watch the news, but I do make note what I hear on the radio or what mind boggling story I come across online. Since I live in Florida, a lot of outrageous stuff happens here. There’s a lot to draw on, believe me.

Where do you find inspiration? I’d love to hear from you.

Guest Bio: Theresa Braun is a horror writer, residing in South Florida, where the weird and unexplained seem to be ongoing. She has appeared in a number of anthologies including Under the Bed Magazine, Hindered Souls, The Horror Zine, and her latest story “Dead over Heels” has been published by Frith Books. You can find her on Twitter (@tbraun_author), Facebook (www.facebook.com/groomanddoom), and her website (theresabraun.com).


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