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Writing Space Inspiration

I’m blessed enough to actually have a desk to do my writing at. I’ve got an eclectic collection of items chilling out around the space. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to spruce up a space but here is my general checklist:

  1. Something Alive- Besides myself I have a succulent tree that look a bit like ogre ears.
  2. A planner- I use a traditional wall calendar but choose something you’ll actually use.
  3. Inspiration- Whether it’s a piece of art or a thoughtful framed quote having something that makes you remember your goals or to focus on while you daydream is important to me.
  4. A Bit of Quirk- I’ve got an old fountain pen set that I keep at my desk. I also have a paper holder in the shape of a fish that holds note cards with ideas and old postcards that inspire me.
  5. Base color- My space relies heavily on black and white. Why? My desk is white and my computer is black. So I try to keep it cohesive so my actual space doesn’t distract me too much.
  6. Practical Pieces- This is pens, staple etc. I’ve tried to keep them on theme color.
  7. Lighting- I like natural light with a view but your view may be distracting. So think about what you work best with and change out your light bulbs accordingly.

Check out Pinterest for lots of fun ideas to make your space exactly what you need to get lots done. What is your favorite thing about your desk space?

Happy Questing!

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