Favorite Middle Grade Book Quotes

I've been compiling a book full of best quotes for years. When I find one I add it to the pile. I've noticed a trend of having quite a few from books from the middle grade reading level. Here they are and I hope you have as much joy in them as I do. “The… Continue reading Favorite Middle Grade Book Quotes


Writing Takeaways & Quotes

We are headed into year three of blogging and I can't help but remember where I've been as a writer, compare it to where I am now, and look at others wisdom in this area. For one blogging has made me a better writer, I try to write tight and concise to save readers time… Continue reading Writing Takeaways & Quotes

Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering Project

I just finished reading the first Harry Potter book and I had to do a lettering piece inspired by the book!  If you are ever trying to add something special to your lettering try adding a little color by painting with watercolor or gouache.  It is so much fun to work watercoloring into a lettering project.… Continue reading Hand Lettering Project