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Managing an Anthology

Sadly, I've been a part of two local anthologies that have fallen through. I'll be honest it was due to the planning portion than the writing portion. How do you actually put it together in a coherent way. So if you're on anthology train here are some tips to get your project into the station… Continue reading Managing an Anthology

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What NOT to ask at a Writing Conference

I've been to a fair number of writing conferences over the years. There is nearly always open question time for a presenter or two. There is also always those one or two people that take over the time. They ask things like, "How do I get an agent?" or "How do I write a query… Continue reading What NOT to ask at a Writing Conference


Breakup with Doubt

I just had a birthday and I'm a tad bit ashamed of my age considering I've still not hit it big with publishing my book. But more than that, do you ever struggle with not hitting your goals? I know I do. Do you ever wonder if you will become a real published author? Let's… Continue reading Breakup with Doubt