DIY Flip Flop Makeover

Are you ready for summer? I’ve been missing the ever important sandals from my shoe arsenal and I can’t find what I need.

My solution? What I can’t find I make and this is no exception. No I’m not saying become a cobbler and make shoes. I am saying break out your inner DIY ninja and embellish some shoes.

I stopped by my local dollar store and picked up a pair of flip flops and two matching scarves. I picked colors that match the outfit I had in mind. Spending $3 for a pair of unique shoes is my jam so here we go.

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First take one scarf and knot it at the center around the fork in your flip flop. Next wrap the scarf tails around each side of the shoe and knot at the ends. Repeat with the other shoe. The scarf tails you wrap around your heal and bow at the front for a fun, flirty, flip flop look.

Processed with Rookie Cam
Fun & Flirty Flip Flops

Happy Questing!

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