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Managing an Anthology

Sadly, I’ve been a part of two local anthologies that have fallen through. I’ll be honest it was due to the planning portion than the writing portion. How do you actually put it together in a coherent way. So if you’re on anthology train here are some tips to get your project into the station and not leaving it languishing on the rails somewhere.

  1. Create due dates. Depending on the length of your texts you can tweek the length. I’d recommend 3-6 months for a partial manuscript, then and additional 3-6 months for a completed manuscript.
  2. Content check. Have your group edit, looking for a cohesive story with dynamic characters for this round of edits. Make sure it’s the best story you can include in your limited anthology space.
  3. Author edit. Have the author revise based on feedback. Make the story sparkle. Allow for 1-3 months depending on skill levels.
  4. Line Edits & Design. It’s time to get to the details. Check the spelling, grammar etc. Set up your cover design, use a pro if you can.
  5. Author edit. Send it all back to each author to finalize all edits and changes. Allow for less than a month for this part. You should be close to a finished product at this point.
  6. Layout. Pick who you will print through and use their software to set up your book. There are many places to publish online from Amazon to VistaPrint.
  7. Final Author Edit and Design Reviews. Last chance to make any major tweaks or changes to the text and layout. This is a final read through, allow one week to one month.
  8. Indexes and Contents. At this point you can create your indexes and contents pages as the layout has been finalized. Do this too soon and your page numbers may change, causing extra work for your group.
  9. Submit for publication. Follow the directions given by your online publisher group to finalize your work and make it available for print and purchase. You will be required to submit for an ISBN number and to the library of congress and it should be part of the publisher process.

Hopefully this sets up your anthology for better success than I have experienced.

Happy Questing!

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