Q-Kids: Fabric Fort DIY

If you’re like me you have a tablecloth or two that have seen better days (like way better days). I pulled out a cloth one that was not only stained but also frayed at the corners. Not ideal for much more than scrap rags. Instead I found my permanent markers, drew a scene, and let the kids get painting.

You could paint a wild west scene, an exotic paradise, or a castle scene like we did. Let your imagination lead you. I also used washable paint (my kids got super messy) so don’t wash your creation or risk loosing all your paint down the drain.

First draw out your scene. Second working from the center out paint your scene. We used limited paint and did not fill the whole castle in grey. You could paint it all but be prepared to paint for awhile. Be careful where you do this project too as we had some bleed through of paint. Finally hang your creation off a laundry line to dry. After it drys we hang the castle up off our bunk beds and play.

What scene would you create? Let us know what to try next.

Happy Questing!


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