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Q-Kids: Blue Jean Bunk Bags

We recently combined rooms for two of our kids. Let’s just say it’s going rough. It’s hard to share space when you’re young. To give each of the kids their own special space that was off-limits to the other I came up with this solution. Blue jean bunk bags.

I took a pair of ripped jeans and cut them in half making sure to include pockets as best I could. I let the kids pick some fabric for edging. I sewed the back seem and added two straps. Next, sew up the sides creating a another large pocket. After looping the straps around the bunk I fished them through the belt loops and made a bow.

Now they have a special spot to keep all their favorite little things, books, and stuffed animals. Did this keep them from fighting or making the double room arrangement smooth sailing? No. BUT it did help to make their bed space a little special and unique.

What unique things have you made from old jeans? I’d love to hear about them.

Happy Questing!

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