A Note On Perseverance

If you’ve been rejected by a person, a job, a college, or anything else you’d set your heart on having, you understand what it means to be a writer. Dealing with rejection is normal on multiple levels and in different ways.

You can be rejected by the reader at any point. Whether it’s the first draft you’ve let someone stumble over or the printed, published copy of your book in Barns and Noble.

You can be rejected by other writers who don’t see the vision behind your story or who “don’t care” about the genre you love to write.

You can be rejected by agents who say a myriad of things that have meanings both on and off the page. You can lack world building, voice, connection, or anything.

You can be rejected by publishers, even with an agent. Your story will go out over and over again to editors at publishing houses who also can reject your story like the agent does.

You can be rejected in your own mind. You can begin to say that you’re not good enough to write. That your words aren’t up to snuff with the competition. You can say you’ll never make it.

But you don’t have to choose that personal rejection. You can choose to persevere. 

Please keep writing through all the rejection.

Write for the joy of creating new places and people on a page. Write to keep your imaginary friend alive in even your mind alone.  Write because you can tell your story in the only the way you can. There is only one you that can tell it. Tell it to the blank page.

Happy Questing.


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