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Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Recipe

Do you love lattes? Does your wallet scream every time you go into a coffee house? You know Starbucks has the word ‘bucks’ in it for a reason. Here is a sweet solution I have concocted and cannot get enough of.

I must have my morning coffee, with cream and sugar. But not just any sugar. Here are the steps I take to make delicious cinnamon vanilla sugar for my morning Joe. You could also gift this treat for the holidays!

You will need:

#sugar #recipe #Cinnamon
#sugar #recipe #Cinnamon
  • A resealable jar. Ex.  a mason jar, clean jam jar, or Tupperware whatever is handy.
  • White sugar, I buy these in 5 pound bags and keep the rest for other baking
  • Raw sugar, I get the 2 pound box (I like sugar…)
  • Cinnamon, I use both the powder already ground and add a few whole sticks for a pretty effect
  • Vanilla Beans, don’t skimp here. Two or Three beans will run up about $6 and it’s worth it

Coffee + mug + homemade sugar = A sweet gift!

  1. I start with a clean mason jar and a quarter cup scoop, and alternate white sugar and raw sugar.
  2. One scoop white sugar, one scoop raw sugar, a sprinkle of Cinnamon. I repeat these steps until my jar is about half full.
  3. Once half full I split a vanilla bean in half, scrape out the seeds and add them to the mix along with the pods, which are also very flavorful.
  4. I finish alternating scoops and adding Cinnamon. At the top I add a stick of cinnamon too but you don’t have to.
  5. Once all layered, I leave about an inch at the top so that I can shake the jar very well once it’s closed.
  6. I will shake the jar a couple of times a week and allow it to sit for two or three weeks for maximum flavor.
  7. Once you start using your jar be sure you make up a second because it won’t last long.

Alternate flavors to try are peppermint or hazelnut! What are some of your favorite flavors? Give me your ideas for holiday gifting!


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