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Two Day Curls!

My hair is naturally straight but some days I just have to have bouncy curls! Problem, I don’t own a curling iron for many reasons, top of the list being my hair is just too long and thick to effectively curl in a decent amount of time. My solution goes back to the days of A Little Princess and Shirley Temple.

Rag Curlers are my hair’s best friend. Not only does it avoid damage by hot curlers but it also stays in so much longer, I can get a good 2 days of curls when I do this. Now take into account the length of your hair and thickness. If your hair is long you will need longer pieces of fabric, I’ve made mine about 10 inches long.

Start this process the night before you want amazing curls.

Get your hair wet. After a shower I brush out my hair to get out any tangles then let it dry out some.

Key– Have damp hair not dripping wet otherwise the curls won’t stick.

I apply John Frieda’s Frizz Ease, Dream Curls to my wet hair but you don’t have to. I’ve had great results without any product at all.

Next I take sections of hair, starting at the ends and roll it up to the top of my head and make a knot with the ends of the fabric. You will look silly but it’s totally worth it!

After all your hair is up just sleep on it. Depending on how big your curl rolls are this can be a little lumpy but, again, worth it!

In the morning, I take down each roll and give them a quick shot of hair spray. If you want, keep the rings tight or tease them out to make a curly mass. I usually keep them tight the first day and the next day let them loose for a softer look.

Depending on your style you don’t have to go all the way to the top of your head you can do just the ends or whatever you want. Happy curling!

Do you love your curls? How many days were you able to get out of your curls?

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