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Q-Kids Daily Art Activity

I know these past two weeks I’ve posted about teaching art classes but in all honesty I’d had those posts scheduled out before the whole virus crisis happened. I’m not teaching right now at all. But it occurred to me that just because I don’t have a classroom to go into that I can’t share fun art and activity ideas for home use.

So may I present the Quarantine Series for Kids, Q-Kids!

This little mini series is an attempt to help out my fellow parents who need ideas to break up the day. These ideas will be fast, adaptable, and hopefully use things you already have on hand, all from home. I plan on doing two a day to see how it goes.

So here’s today’s first idea:


In the sand or in any dirt area, have kids build their own mini dirt track to hold car races. If you have several kids some can “race” on the track and others can “announce” the race as it goes.Β  Kids can also “design” the track themselves on paper first and then go out and build according to their “plans.”

Things to use:

  • Hot Wheel cars or whatever you’ve got handy
  • Dirt or sand area
  • Rocks or branches for track “landscaping” is optional
  • TIP: Garden hand tools or sand toys maybe useful to move dirt. Some water can be used to shape the track. In the track example notice the different jumps, turns, and track changes.


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