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Q-Kids Activity: Cookie Cutter Fun

It’s Monday. Just in case you needed a reminder.

Staying in quarantine is getting longer and longer and even those of us with that extra serving of creativity are losing steam. We are also running low on all the snacks and comfort foods. So for snack time this week things got a bit crazy.

I got out the bread and the cookie cutters. I set out a bowl with all the little snacks I could think of like pretzels, jelly beans, large sprinkles, raisins, and peanuts. I had the peanut butter available and some leftover frosting from a birthday cake we had made and I let the kids loose.


They crafted and created snacks that then got gobbled up. My eldest even made a mini cake for her American Girl Doll, whom polity said, “Thank You,” in that cute pretend baby voice kids use.

  • Was it messy? Yes.
  • Did it occupy them for forty-five minutes? Yes.
  • Would I do it again? Absolutely.
  • Are the crumbs and sprinkles all over my kitchen? …yes…ugh!

Sometimes putting my chill in the backseat and letting things just be is the only way to stay sane. So here’s to another Monday in quarantine. I hope your coffee is plentiful and your children chill.

Happy Questing!

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