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DIY Hair Comb Embellishments

I've been informed by my mother that hair combs were the rave of the 80's. Which makes them overdue for a come back in my opinion. Not only do these handy combs keep your locks in place they are way easier to handle than bobby pins (enter rant of annoyance for bobby pins here). I… Continue reading DIY Hair Comb Embellishments

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Vintage Gifts for the Holiday

For Christmas we always play "the game." You know the one where you get a number, pass the gifts, and steal them from each other (or any variation thereof). Our newest twist to this game is buying our gifts second hand, either from a yard sale or from a thrift shop. Not only is the challenge to find… Continue reading Vintage Gifts for the Holiday


DIY Sliding Barn Door on a budget

A well designed whole house remodel on a budget is very tricky to pull off. The key to a successful remodel is understanding what design elements you want to include and then figuring out how they will fit together. The problem with this, at least for the 97% not living in the lap of luxury,… Continue reading DIY Sliding Barn Door on a budget

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Sheet Music Art

Part of my creative flow are projects that bring me stimulation and the joy of a finished project. This is especially nice when I’m midstream on a novel and the end is farther away than I want to admit. So here is my project of the week! I scored four matching picture frames from a… Continue reading Sheet Music Art