Framed Toddler-isms DIY

Our little town has a mild obsession with thrift stores. I'm beginning to think it's the same half a dozen people swapping junk back and forth. Regardless, I still check them and occasionally I find a little gem that I want to work with. So for a quarter I picked up this sad looking picture… Continue reading Framed Toddler-isms DIY

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Vintage Gifts for the Holiday

For Christmas we always play "the game." You know the one where you get a number, pass the gifts, and steal them from each other (or any variation thereof). Our newest twist to this game is buying our gifts second hand, either from a yard sale or from a thrift shop. Not only is the challenge to find… Continue reading Vintage Gifts for the Holiday

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Cats, Frames, and Copyediting- A Dilemma in Destruction

I've framed old things before (like this sheet music) but never have I hurt a book, ever. Until today. I've got all my books unboxed and either up on my shelf or loving stowed away awaiting more bookshelves to be built (I need more walls). As I categorized and organized these old tomes I realized… Continue reading Cats, Frames, and Copyediting- A Dilemma in Destruction


DIY: Engineer Print and Frame

I found an awesome photography website that allows you to use their photos for free in your projects.  I stumbled upon them while looking for a photo to use as the background of a lettering piece that I wanted to do. The website is called Unsplash and they have so many good quality photos to use!… Continue reading DIY: Engineer Print and Frame