Framed Toddler-isms DIY

Our little town has a mild obsession with thrift stores.

I’m beginning to think it’s the same half a dozen people swapping junk back and forth. Regardless, I still check them and occasionally I find a little gem that I want to work with.

So for a quarter I picked up this sad looking picture frame, plastic, made in Hong Kong the back says, and super dirty.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Doesn’t exactly scream potential does it?

Here’s what I did to it. First I removed the weird cloth pictures and cleaned it as best I could.

Next I painted a base coat of white paint on it. Then I got impatient… I decided to paint it a metallic maroon but the white paint wasn’t quite dry and the effect I got was something close to a marbling effect which I really like.

But what to put into it? I’ve done a past post about embroidery and I thought this could be an interesting application. However, my impatience won out again and instead I pulled out paper and pen.

Tracing the backs I wrote some of the funny things my toddler says all the time. I’m sure your kids have cute things they say, be creative.

Processed with Rookie Cam

I’ll be gifting this framed memory to an aunt who lives out of state. What fun and quirky things do your kids say that would like sage advise framed on the wall?

Happy Questing!


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