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DIY Hair Comb Embellishments

I’ve been informed by my mother that hair combs were the rave of the 80’s. Which makes them overdue for a come back in my opinion.

Not only do these handy combs keep your locks in place they are way easier to handle than bobby pins (enter rant of annoyance for bobby pins here).

I bought a package of 6 plastic combs from a local store and got to thinking of ways to embellish them for me and my toddler. Here’s what I came up with and I’m sure you can be even more creative.

My first attempt I call a natural look using some wooden beads and twine to cover the spine of the comb.

The second attempt went glam using some florals covered in glitter.

Third attempt was punk using a bright thread and some left over chain.

Fourth attempt went vintage using an old earing and three colors of string.

I also considered doing a steampunk look with some things from my bowl of wonders (aka broken jewelry, interesting bits, and broken bobs). But the toddler needed some attention and it never got made. Does this inspire you to make a few hair combs of your own?

Happy Questing!

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