Fit for a King

It was a few weeks ago when I decided to start eating eggs again, since then this is a recipe I have now added to our life. It's fast, easy, and low maintenance. I only like eggs when they are made a certain way and for some reason I just craved to eat an egg… Continue reading Fit for a King


Going Green

My husband grew up drinking lots of green drinks, I did not. It wasn't because my mom never made them, I just refused to try them. However I did try other things, including stinging nettle in a number of different dishes. When I started dating Josh I also started drinking more of these types of… Continue reading Going Green


Making Traditions

Every Tuesday night in our house is pizza night! Josh is an expert at making pizza dough, and I am pretty good at cutting up our toppings 🙂 We always make either two pizzas or two calzones, one vegan, and one loaded with meat and cheese. This is a wonderful way to spend time with… Continue reading Making Traditions


Food Styling and Photography

Over the past week my friend and I were trying out some new vegan recipes.  She wants to start a new food blog, so we decided to try our hand at food styling and photography.  Photos are a really important aspect of blogs, and we found a quick and easy way for anyone with Photoshop… Continue reading Food Styling and Photography