Going Green

My husband grew up drinking lots of green drinks, I did not. It wasn’t because my mom never made them, I just refused to try them. However I did try other things, including stinging nettle in a number of different dishes.

When I started dating Josh I also started drinking more of these types of drinks. But the drinks I make have to be a certain texture otherwise I will not be able to drink them without gagging. Josh on the otherhand drinks it all in one big gulp and doesn’t even take the time to taste it.

Here is the lovely drink we enjoyed this morning.


I absolutely LOVE kale, I love adding it to dishes, making kale chips, and putting it in smoothies!
So why not have it for breakfast?

Start with one kale leaf per person. Rip the leaves off the stem and save the stem for making vegetable broth later!


Next, add whatever fruit you desire. All we had in the house today was mandarins oranges and apples. Cut your fruit into small chunks so the blender can blend easily.

Place everything in blender.


I also decided to add chia seeds. You do not have to add these if you do not like, I added some to get blended, and then some after to mix into the drink.


Add one cup of water to start. If you need more water, then add it!

Blend for 5 minutes. The reason to blend this long is because it will really chop up everything. This is how I get the drink to a texture that I can enjoy. If you like it more chunky then blend for less time.


This color and consistency is exactly what I was looking for! I knew I needed to blend longer if the top of my drink was thicker then the bottom. 

Tada! Now enjoy this powerhouse of a drink 🙂
If you have a sweet tooth, then try to add more fruit rather then a sweetener. Natural sugar is so much healthier for you, your body was designed to break it down and use it. However, if you really need to add
something to put an extra hint of sweet then try to use either pure maple syrup, or organic honey.



  • One stem of Kale per person, removed from stem.
  • Fruit of choice, chopped in chunks.
  • Chia seeds, optional.
  • Sweetener, optional.

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