Homemade Play Lands: Your DIY idea source

As most parents know, kids toys, especially 'sets' of things, can get out of hand in quantity and cost quickly. If you've got hot-wheels then you need the mat, the garage, the towers, the race track. If you have Barbie you need the cloths, the house and the convertible. Do I need to continue? My… Continue reading Homemade Play Lands: Your DIY idea source


No Drip, Two Ingredient Popscicles

Such an easy homemeade recipe, with only two ingredients! The yogurt melts slower than a water based popsicle which is nice because my toddler likes to wander with them a bit. Less mess for me to find later. Plus way healthier for kids than sugar filled popsicles. All you need: Yogurt- your choice on flavor/type. I… Continue reading No Drip, Two Ingredient Popscicles