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How to Make Your living Room more Inviting

We spend most of our time either in the kitchen or in our living room, thats why its important for us to have a living room that makes us feel welcomed.  Here are some practical ways to make your living room more inviting!

Plants, Pillows and Art

Do you have an empty corner of your living room that just looks like something is missing? Fill that space with a couple of your favorite indoor plants!  You need the vibrancy that plants bring into a living space, it makes the room feel complete.

Decor Pillows, I know they can be pricey but they sure add a lot of texture and color into your living room.  Even though you will probably end up pushing them to the other end of the couch they make you feel welcomed into the space.  Texture is a big part of a room, you want pillows of all different textures to make them stand out.  Mine pictured here were purchased from Ikea and target.

I know a lot of people do not like purchasing art because it can be really expensive and hard to pick the right one but its so worth it.  It changes the room dramatically, you show off your personality and you add color into the room.   If you cant afford to purchase a painting a lot of artist now will do a nice print of the painting for you for a cheaper price.

Separate chair, Rug and Blankets

Some people(I’m looking at the introverts) do not like to sit on a couch with everyone else, so having a separate chair could actually make someone feel more comfortable.  Its also good to have a space you can feel comfy in that you can sit by yourself so get a big comfy reading chair. Don’t forget to throw a decor pillow on it!

I also have a big basket of fuzzy throw blankets, who doesn’t like a fuzzy throw? If anyone gets a little cold they can see that there are blankets right there and can grab one without having to go through the trouble of asking. The cold wire basket next to a warm fluffy blanket makes you want to reach out and grab one to wrap up in.

Having a warm rug under your feet in a living room automatically makes you feel more comfy.  Even if your living room is already carpeted it can add a lot to put in a rug.  I would suggest World Market they have loads of beautiful rugs for a great price!



Here is another idea for plants, these are the faux succulents I bought at the dollar tree. I hot glued them together and then set them in a glass candle holder that I bought on clearance at target for $4. It adds color and a little bit of personality into the room.

We have a fireplace but if you don’t have a fireplace you can use candles to make the room feel warmer.  It also makes your room smell great!  Make sure to be aware with new guest that some people have a hard time with candle smells and can get headaches from them.  I use a essential oil diffuser in my living room, and usually am just diffusing Lavender oil.

That’s all my living room advice I have for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you are able to create a warm and inviting place for you and your guests.

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