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It’s Practice not a Mistake

My posts on Mondays have been delayed lately because I've received a new opportunity to teach art to kids. It's sticky madness to be totally honest. I don't mind though. Creativity is happening. Mistakes are termed as practice. Freedom of expression is running rampant, often literally. If you hear a voice within you say 'you… Continue reading It’s Practice not a Mistake


DIY Chair Makeover

Snagging items for cheep is one thing. Incorporating them into your home design is entirely different. Lets give it a shot with this wooden high chair. ItemsĀ & Cost Breakdown: Chair- found at Goodwill $8 Wood Glue- already owned Hammer- already owned Pliers- already owned Goo Off- bought bottle for $6 Sandpaper- bought assorted pack for… Continue reading DIY Chair Makeover