Industrial Decor

My father is a retired deputy from a jail here in Michigan. When I was little we would go into the huge kitchen freezer and get boxed milk to drink while spending time with him after school. It shaped my perspective on what is good and honorable when I saw the way my dad treated the men in this jail. Despite it being a place for grown men to face their choices from the past, to me it was a time of building a foundation for how I would treat similar men and look at them for the rest of my life.

The reason for why this matters and how it connects with decor, is that at this jail there were multiple old maps hanging up. After my dad retired and this place closed down, we had the opportunity to keep these maps. After years of them being wrapped up awaiting love one has finally seen the light!

This lovely map will soon be on my wall. If ever you have the chance, take something old and filled with memories and display it proudly as an opportunity to share that part of your life with everyone that comes into your home.

Does anyone else have a personal treasure on display? What story is behind it? 

Let's chat! Leave your comment below and I'll get back you as quick as I can.

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