Pimp My Playset: Finished (nearly)

So it’s been a few years since I talked about upgrading our play set in the backyard. Let’s just say it’s been low on the priority totem pole. But this summer it finally happened.

I didn’t follow my plans exactly from my last post but the effort has been valiant.

Here’s how I transformed our used and worn plat set into a functional activity hub.

  • Fresh paint- I used a solid stain I picked up on clearance at my local hardware store. It took a whole gallon to do one coat.
  • A tent top- I picked up some outdoor fabric and used rivets to attach it to the sides of the set.
  • Play sand- I dug out the base, lined it with landscaping fabric and dumped in about fifteen ten pound bags of sand into the base.
  • Chalkboard- kids love art and adding a board where some deck rails were missing and painting it with chalk board paint has made a generous easel area.
  • A table- Getting things done in the fort is now easier with a built in table area, also painted with chalk board paint for extra fun.
  • Handles- Adding a few extra handholds for my littlest tike to grab onto while using the ladder makes it more accessible for all ages.
  • A pulley- this is not only cool but also safe as kids no longer try to carry things up a ladder single-handedly.
  • Functionality- Adding some hooks and brackets at key places let the kids put their sand toys up and lets them hang things where they wish.

I did not do all this in one day. It’s been a progression all summer long. I’ve got a few other ideas that are in the works but won’t happen till next summer at this point. Which is a good thing! Kids like change, they like projects, and they like it best when it’s for them.

After playset 2

Happy Questing!

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