Fighting Turnover

Do you ever start a story and somewhere in the middle it turns on you? Maybe you plotted an idea, but there’s a loophole and suddenly what you planned doesn’t work. Or maybe you started writing as a happy pantser, but now you’re stuck in the corner of the room you created, paintbrush in hand, wet paint all around you.

It turned on you, but you can turn it back around.

It’s your story, after all. You are in charge of the characters. You tell the world how it works. You decide if magic, science, or genealogy explains something. Paint yourself a way out of that corner.

Or maybe you start from scratch. Light a match and burn that story down. Watch it crumble and fizzle. (Okay, don’t actually burn anything. Save that draft in a labeled folder and open a blank document.) Then rebuild with the same base idea and plans, but with a better understanding of your story, characters and world. A story without loopholes. I know this is painful, but it’s possible.

Editing and rewriting aren’t, but they are necessary parts of the craft.

What are some of the turnover moments in your writing?

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