Flipping Cliches

We’ve all done it, see there I just did. I used a cliche. A common phrase or string of words that most folks like us understand. it’s good to be understood.  The problem is, cliches are boring.

So let’s take some examples and flip them.

What we are hoping to do is convey the same meaning in a fresh, new, or different way. Hopefully, this will also reveal theme, character, or voice in the process. Start by establishing what the phrase means. Then think of another way to say it, more or less words is fine.

Be unique. Be direct. Be flourishing. Be you.

  1. a chip off the old block- this kids my mini me
  2. a word to the wise- be careful
  3. beat around the bush- Quit prancing around the issue
  4. come hell or high water- Come burnt toast or spilled juice
  5. bark is worse than her bite- the buzz is more annoying than the sting
  6. crystal clear- Like a starry night
  7. follow your heart- deepest desires deserve to be chased
  8. squeaky wheel gets the grease- nags get gags
  9. went belly up- dead
  10. two peas in a pod- twins

I’ve enjoyed flipping these cliches but I know you can do better than me.

Starting today I’m going to post a #clicheaday on Twitter. Let’s see the magic you can do with words.

Happy Questing!

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