One Year and Counting, Happy Birthday!

Quest Type just celebrated it’s one year anniversary!

All thanks to you, our readers!

Exciting things have happened over the course of the year and I’d like to take a few moments to reflect and offer some insights into our process.

First lets break down the stats for all the numbers junkies out there. Here is our activity level through August 2016. We haven’t done any paid advertising at this point so this is just between our own platforms and organic growth.

2013 StatsLet me just say comments are the best. Not only does it mean someone liked the post it means they took time out of there busy day to say something about it. It’s a HUGE compliment for each of us and we sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!

Our team has grown! We went from two to four bloggers who post once a week. Finding reliable co-bloggers isn’t easy. Especially if they are scattered across the country or even the world. However, teaming up can help increase platform through regular posting of great content. If you’d like to guest post please let us know.

Each of us have our own areas we like to specialize in for our posts. Some of our posts resonate higher than others with readers and that’s okay. As you can see below, half of our top posts/pages are about home remodeling. This lets us know we should probably do more of those posts. Unfortunately, we actually DO all our crafts/remodels ourselves so they are some of the most expensive posts to create. We can only remodel the kitchen so many times and I’m out of walls to add bookshelves too.

Here is a list of our top preforming posts.

Top Posts

This list is key. It lets us know what readers like by those popular posts and what they don’t like. Getting few clicks into a post can be the result of uninspiring title, unappealing cover photo, or even bad writing. Often it’s a lack of promotion though. If we don’t share the post no one knows it’s there. Which leads to my next set of data. The promoters!

top referers

Facebook! Who knew? We didn’t until we started using it as a place to post our work. This depends on readers and where they are at online. This is not unique to us you can read the actual statistics if you want. Key point: Be on social media where your readers are. Also be sure your site’s are linked to the big search engines (Google & Bing) this is kinda tricky to do in WordPress but it is possible without upgrading your site (Please comment if you’d like a future blog post walkthrough on how to do it.)

Overall we are excited about closing out 2016 strong and providing fun posts that are easy to follow in your own creative life. If you have any questions about our statistics or our process please ask away. We are here to help you get started with your own adventures.

Happy Questing!     -Hannah, Mars, Alyssa & Sherry

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