Group Blogging for Beginners

So you’re blogging or thinking about blogging and it’s so tough.

Not only is hard to post regularly, it’s hard to think of topics. If you are blogging with others it’s all multiplied by a bazillion stress level. What if so-so doesn’t post on time? Or there post is written poorly? Or worse we loose subscribers after they post? The horror.

We’ve all been there.

First, just breath, it’s going to be okay. We are all human here and, therefore, subject to error. On the flipside, also subject to brilliance. Lets assume we are all brilliant (important for creatives to do when we put ourselves out there to the world). Repeat after me: Brilliant.

Now that we are all sufficiently awesome sauce let me give you a big key: It’s nearly impossible to predict which posts will get better traffic than others. So don’t sweat it.

Some of my favorite posts, ones I slaved over, got little traffic. Whereas others I threw together on the fly ran the stats up like a steed. Just because you aren’t happy with a group blogger’s post doesn’t mean it won’t take off.

Watch statistics over time, not individually by post.

For Popularity: WordPress gives you author stat information in the dashboard to review. You will quickly see who your weakest link is (fingers crossed it’s not you). Link to your past posts to create ongoing traffic to your content. You can also see your popular posts by category to see what topics perform better than others.

For Timing: Utilize the scheduling function in WordPress. It’s as simple as selecting a future date for posts. Make it a rule of your blogging group to always be a week ahead. Have a backup system in place if someone can’t get their post in for a week.  For us, we have a freebee post ready if you need it, but if you use it you have to write a replacement post later. So getting out of it one week means double next week.

For People: Finding the right group of bloggers is tougher. Whether you blog with  your best friend or with someone across the country you need to jive. Meaning you need to have the same vision for the blog and what it will be. Get a plan and stick to it. If things need to change make the decision as a group. I like to use group chat to keep things up to date but you can use whatever works for your team.

For Content: Start thinking of your whole life as a pond full of fish ideas, drag a mental net around with you everywhere. When you find an idea, jot it down. I use Evernote on my phone and transfer them to my desktop when I need to write a post. Most of us can think of at least one solid idea a week, but not all of us remember to write it down before it floats down the stream of our mind.

Repeat again: Brilliant. Trust your co-writers to keep up there side of things while you do your side. Check average stats instead of nitpicking individual post performance and your team moral will be better.

Remember the kids story of the turtle and the hare? The turtle wins right? He wins because he slowly and meticulously keeps moving regardless of the hare’s antics around him. Just do your thing, keep writing, and you will get to the finish line. And remember you are brilliant.


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