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Terrarium How To

We have all seen the gorgeous terrarium plantings sprinkled all over Pinterest but have you actually tried to make your own? They are surprisingly easy and wonderfully forgiving for those of us with less than a green thumb.

Recently I snagged a great deal on a large glass globe at a thrift store. You can get these new but the bigger they are the more pricey they get. I already grow succulents year around to the detriment of my window sills. So here are the steps I took to put my new terrarium together.

1. Clean your container. This may seem silly but any past plant life that the container was exposed to can infect your new plants. Best to start off right, so give it a good scrub. When you pick your container be sure you get one your hand will fit into so you can plant it.

How to plant a terrarium, #terrarium #garden #plant
How to plant a terrarium,
#terrarium #garden #plant

2. Add drainage. This can be wood chips, pinecones, small rocks. Anything that will allow water to drain away from the plants so they don’t drown.

TIP: I love using the bright colored aquatic rocks for fish tanks. Pick a color that matches your house.

3. Add Dirt. Not just any dirt, use dirt specific to your

How to plant a terrarium, #terrarium #garden #plant
How to plant a terrarium,
#terrarium #garden #plant

plants. I’m using succulents and I default to African Violate potting mix as it’s still lightweight but has the right nutrients too. If you are doing a mix of different plants a general potting mix should work just fine.

4. Pick your Plants. Try and keep them small, they will grow to fill your container quickly so don’t feel like you have to splurge on anything too big.

5. Plant. Bear in mind how your plants will grow. Place the bigger growing ones where they will have the most room. Now all that’s left is to water and enjoy!

How to plant a terrarium, #terrarium #garden #plant
How to plant a terrarium,
#terrarium #garden #plant

Was this helpful? Were you able to make your own terrarium?

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