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Ancient Faces: A Photo Collection

Scrolling through photos from Rome, it became clear I'd seen a lot of old faces. Faces that had seen far more than myself. If only they could talk. What would they say to us? Here they are, I'll let you decide what words they have to say.  And with the morn those angel faces smile… Continue reading Ancient Faces: A Photo Collection

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Times OLD Roman

Ancient script brings a whole new level to the term hand lettering. These letters are literally chiseled out of marble and still around today. Talk about longevity of work. Traveling around Rome I took pictures of as many samples of ancient text I could find. Here are a few from the coliseum, forum, museums, and… Continue reading Times OLD Roman


A Week in Rome

We arrived in Rome early afternoon, dropped our bags off, and shuttled into the city center with excitement weaving through our veins like the Vespa's through traffic. Lost within steps and oddly unconcerned about it, as every twist revealed new wonders. Our drop off point was next to the river Themes and little did we… Continue reading A Week in Rome