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Granny’s Garden: Extra Cash & Passion Collide

When you’ve spent your life growing and living off the land there is no turning back. Even when the fields are rented out to someone with more energy you still want to grow things.

You grow what you want to eat, sell the excess, and use the extra cash to buy another type of Iris.

At least that’s what my Grandma does and I’m realizing she’s onto something. A small roadside sign has always been near the drive, Iris for Sale. Only recently did she upgrade to a solid signpost and put an add in the local paper. She doesn’t need to. She’s been growing things for so long everyone in the area knows and trusts her.

Her Iris’ were just starting to bloom as we roamed the garden beds looking at her newest additions. “No one has this,” Granny says and I believe it. The stunning purple offset against the orange flame of the flower is more gorgeous than any words I can string together. Palest orange petals sit alongside the brightest butter yellow. Pure white with purple fringed flowers make me dream of secret gardens inside stacked rocked walls.

Take a moment and enjoy the world around you. Use what you love, grow things, get a little extra cash.

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