Make your own Personalized Gift Tags

With my new sewing machine I created a fun gift for a wedding that I am attending this weekend.  I decided it would be awesome if I created a gift tag to put on my handmade items.  A lot of people give handmade things as gifts, they are so personal and heartfelt, adding a personalized gift tag is just the cherry on top.

I haven’t perfected the tag to something I would use every time yet, but I wanted to share some ideas with you for gift tags.  It’s a fun way to personalize a gift without spending more money, just a little more time and love.

Gather all of your crafting supplies and lets get started!  Markers, hot glue gun, stamps, string, tape, stickers, paper, everything!


Here is what I ended up with as my tag for the gift.

Gift Tag

Depending on the person you are giving the gift to you could do all types of cool things.   One fun way to make the tag look unique is with stamps.  Especially if you have a hard time free handing things, stamps will give you a clean look and its super fast and easy.

The stamps I have here are from Target.  You could try floral or flourishes stamps they would look great on a tag.


I decided to letter my own, first I sketched it out with a pencil and then I used a marker for the lettering and gouache for the decorations.  Lettering is a great way to make the tag look awesome! If you are not comfortable doing lettering free hand try looking up some fonts and copy what you see to create your masterpiece!

Lettering and floral sketch

You can also go crazy with the paper you use, try using thicker paper and cut the shape you want.  To make this easier you can find blank gift tags and use them to decorate.

Gift Tag

Glitter! Try using glitter or attache it  to the gift with a pretty ribbon.  It would be really cool to hot glue a paper flower or fabric flower onto a tag to add extra color.  There are so many options!

Finished Gift


Gift Tag

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