8 Things NOT to Say to an Agent

After my latest writing group I realized how many queries I’ve sent over the years. How much digging I’ve done over and over again. And realized there are some common things that really tick agents off.

Let me be really clear, this is not everyone. It’s just what I see commonly on different social sites. Agents are real people with real lives. They deserve respect. And like us all, are so short on time.

Please-please-please do NOT to do these things:

  1. Do not send a big email with many agents. Send individual emails. This lets the agent know you are seriouse about being a business partner.
  2. Do not address it to dear agent/sir/madem or anything else like that. Use their full name, spelled correctly. Wouldn’t you want the same?
  3. Do not say your book idea is unique. It’s not. Saying this tells the agent you don’t read much. What IS unique is you and your voice.
  4. Do not say your book is a best seller. They are pros and they can decide.
  5. Do not be rude, condescending, or mean. Kindness is king.
  6. Do not waste their time by sending anything other than what their guidelines request. Show them you can follow directions.
  7. Do not give them a countdown clock for a response. Agents are busy, querys are extra work they are not required to do. Therefore they will get to it when they can.
  8. Do not send a follow up email. If you do not hear back from an agent it means it’s a pass from them on that project. Send them your next book instead.

Happy Questing!

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