Rooted in Non-Fiction

If you remember third grade science you know most growing things have roots. When it comes to your blooming creativity it too is rooted in something. That something is your experiences, conversations, and head knowledge.

The best place for more head knowledge is the non-fiction section at your bookstore, library, or computer screen.

I hear you already, “Oh yeah, when I have an idea, and need more information, I just Google it.” Me too. That’s not what I’m saying.

I’m saying your creativity, your ideas, the thoughts you have, are the tiny seed of your new project, and are born long before you Google something for more information that needs roots. Non fiction is where new ideas come from.

You can’t Google something you don’t know exists.

You need to seek out what you don’t know in order to have more creativity. My library’s Non-Fiction section is huge, this week alone I’ve used a book on North American trees, an encyclopedia on automobiles, and a book on fantastic beasts. Yes, I do Google somethings too. But in my books I don’t have to filter out unreliable sources, blogs, or misinformation. On more than one occasion I’ve had direct conflicts of information between my computer screen and the non fiction book in my lap. I default to the book and the reference pages, every time.

And let me point out, nothing is stranger, more exciting, more undiscovered, than the world around you. So explore, pick a book that you have little understanding on and dive in. You are rooting your creativity for new ideas later. As for something that grows without roots, well I’d challenge you to look it up.

Happy Questing!

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