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Run with it – part 1

Rejection. Failure. Betrayal. We all experience these things in life in various forms, whether it’s for a career, in relationships, or while chasing your dreams. As a writer, these things happen daily, or so it seems.

Just run with it.

I’m going to be painfully real with you for a moment: wallowing in self-pity, eating your feelings, or giving up isn’t going to get you any closer to achieving your goals.

While on my fitness journey, I’ve been told by many trainers that the moment you want to give up is the make-it-or-break-it point. If you want to skip a workout because you rather sleep in, don’t. That workout will be your best workout yet. Unless you seriously need a rest day.

Listen to your body, not your laziness.

If you really want nachos even though you are in a healthy food challenge, don’t. You’ll be stronger and healthier if you follow through with the entire challenge. You can have nachos later on when you’ve learned how to say “no” to them.

So, run with it:

  1. Literally, go for a run. This helps me clear my head and put things into perspective. Plus, all those endorphins make you feel better, no matter how far you run or for how long. Even running one mile can overhaul your entire mindset and turn your focus to your burning legs. If you hate running, then try getting your cardio on in another way. Your heart – and mind – will thank you.
  2. Take that rejection, failure, or betrayal and learn from it. How can you improve your writing? Do you need to learn something new? Do you need to try something new? Do you need to expand or hone your career search? Do you need to rethink a relationship for your own mental health and well being?
  3. Allow anger, sadness, or frustration to fuel the creativity fire. Wipe away your tears and get back on the proverbial horse. Apply for more jobs, write a short story, cut toxic people from your life, and pursue your dreams. Someday you’ll be living them.

All of these things can be physically or mentally painful, but you will be stronger and feel better afterward.

So here’s my challenge for you this week: Go for a run. It can be literal or metaphoric, but make an effort to run with something this week. I can’t guarantee it will fix anything, but I do promise it will make you feel better.

Happy running!

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