The Well of Creativity

I’ve been working on being creative for pretty much my whole life. In grade school I was “crafty.” In high school I was “weird.” Today I’m actually viewed as somewhat “cool.” Not sure how that happened… Mostly I’m thankful that I didn’t listen to those voices earlier in my life. My parents kept buying me hot glue, gel pens, and duct tape whenever I asked and I’m so thankful they let me be my crafty self.

God has made each of us unique so “blending in” is an illusion.

But how do we harness our personal creativity? I view it as something that’s built up as a summation of our life experiences, our perception, and our inner mind.

I’ve found that my creativity abounds when their are boundaries.  Sounds backwards right. Everyone says creative abandon like it’s something you stumble into in a field of daisies. A strike of inner genius is always wonderful but I want creativity to always be there. A place I can return to and draw upon again and again.

Creativity should be found inside the walls of a well that holds the water from getting sucked into the earth. It’s just a matter of getting that bucket down to the depths to pull up something intriguing. Creativity needs boundaries.

I don’t pull things out of “thin air.” I never have.

As a kid I’d have two pieces of fabric and hot glue, those became beanie baby cloths. Not because I had the thought first but because I had the materials first and wanted to make something out of them. In high school I had those cardboard pizza box inserts left over from my job and those became 3D pen art. Not because I wanted 3D art but because I had the pens, paper, and a plethora of time to doodle.

So when you are creatively stuck take a minute and pull out your materials. The things you want to work with, whether it’s a story idea or your craft box. Play and fiddle with your material. Don’t tell yourself no let yourself pull that bucket out of the well over and over again and see what spills out. When you get that extra special hum in your heart for one of your thoughts run with it. Take your creative idea and go water the daisies with it and see what will grow.

Happy Questing.

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