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I’m Not an Island

I’m a fairly prolific writer. I get ideas fast and can follow through quickly. That’s my normal. To my peers it looks effortless, like I’m a creative island unto myself. I assure you it’s not easy nor as secluded as it seems. It’s a carefully tuned balance in a multifaceted creative life.

Currently, I’m not in my normal.

Stay with me while I unpack this. It’s so important to understand we as creatives are not an island unto ourselves, it’s more like a peninsula. My creativity is affected by the world around me. This past month have had some creative wins. My agent is sending out my picture books. I’ve had some nice critiques from peers. It’s also had it’s challenges. Loosing a writing community I valued, struggling with editing a difficult story, and waiting for publishing nibbles to name a few.

Here are the ways I’m aiding my creativeness:

  • I’ve took up a new hobby, watercolors. You can learn more about that here. But any new creative hobby can work.
  • I’ve also given myself permission to take a break and not be upset about it. Stress is anti creativity.
  • I’ve been getting out in nature more, enjoying these brisk fall days. Sometimes a change a scenery can make a huge impact.
  • I’ve been enjoying time with my family and cutting out my regular computer time. Getting unplugged can tune down all the online noise and over-stimulation.
  • I’ve been listening. I’ve been okay with quiet. I need to hear myself think.

What about you? Do you have a go to way to encourage creativeness in you? What kind of creative peninsula are you on?

Happy Questing!


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