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Q-Kids: Crayon Remake

If you’re like us then you have a TON of broken crayons. I’ve done several crafts with broken crayons already but here is another one to try. This one makes crayons into a fun ty-dye effect.

You will need:

  • A muffin tin or silicone if you have one
  • Paper muffin liners if your pan is not silicone
  • Lots of broken crayons

Have the kids remove the paper liners from the crayons. Put complimentary colors into each tin spot. My kids named thier colors things like beach, ocean, sunset, and forest. Warm up the oven to 200 degrees and place your the tin into the oven. Allow the crayons to melt for about 10 minutes. To make a swirl effect drag a toothpick through the hot wax.

TIP: To prevent the wax from leaking through the liners use several paper liners instead of just one.

Allow the wax to cool completely and then you can use your ty-dye crayons for your next coloring project. My kids love tearing the liners off the crayons and making any “new” color they wanted. It’s a fun way to amp up your coloring time at home.

Happy Questing!

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