Picture Books and Other Tough Things

It has recently occurred to me, the more stories I write the less and less adult they seem, or maybe it’s my toddlers speaking through me. Either way it’s a tough business. There are only a handful of children’s magazines available to submit to and fewer still big publishers that want to look at your book without an agent.

Why? Because kids books are the hardest to write.

Sure they are short, simple, easy to read, so what could be so hard? ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE TOUGH TO DO. Saying something profound, in simple words, using short sentences that appeal not only to kids but to the adults who read them. UNCLE!

Anyways, I’m not here to complain. I love it.

I’m writing stories for my kids and it’s so fascinating to watch their little faces as I tell them stories without a book, just verbally. It takes their imagination to new heights each perfect for there own age. I think, our culture especially, has lost this tradition of just speaking a story from memory. In the past it was the only way to pass down information from one generation to the next. Today we simply Google it and what we need is there. How marvelous and terrifying.

So, in honor of tradition and lost culture, let’s tell a story from memory to our kids. It can be real or fantasy or any combination. Let’s engage our children’s minds without the prompting of a picture on a page or a digital screen.

Let’s give them a chance to fly on the wings of there own imagination to places even we cannot fathom.

Happy Questing!


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