Jumbo Easter Eggs DIY

We’ve all done the school time paper mache on balloons right? It’s so old fashioned I think most of us just skip over it at a DIY project, that and it’s a big mess when you do it with kids.

But here’s a fresh take on the idea: Jumbo (any size you want really) Easter Eggs!

Do the normal steps: Take a balloon and blow it up. Then layer it with paper and diluted glue until you have a solid mass. Let them dry as needed (this depends on how wet your glue was and how many layers of paper used). Ours took about 6 hours to dry.

Now make them into eggs. Have the kids paint them and put candy inside before hiding them around the yard or woods.

For older kids make them easy to spot but you don’t have to make them easy to get. Or go Angry Birds with it and have it themed to set the eggs free just like in the game.

For younger kids it’s adorable to watch them toddle around with an egg half their size. You can even use small piles of straw to make mini nests around the yard to up the festiveness of it all. Make the paper mache thinner for small kids to break into just like cracking open an egg.

This could be the biggest Easter egg hunt you’ve ever done. Let me know how it goes for your family!

Happy Questing!

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