Writing Resources for Kid Lit

I’ve been writing kids stories going on four years now and I’ve complied a list of all my favorite resources. Things that go back to over and over again. I hope sharing will help you on your writing journey as well.

Inspiration: Anything can inspire you for your next story. Watch around you for those special things that spark your imagination.

  • Pinterest- make a mood board for your story with photos/illustrations you like
  • Watching kids- please don’t be creepy about it
  • Your past- we all have a few quirky stories
  • Think like a kid- get into the mindset of a kid, what questions would they ask?

Craft: Saying what you need to say in the shortest space possible is not easy. Honing craft is a never ending process.

  • Read kids books and analyze them
  • Read writing books and take notes
  • Repeat!

Tools: Some things are special for kid lit and it’s good to be in the know.

  • Get some good kid readers to give there opinion
  • Get some teachers or librarians to critique your story
  • Test your stories readability using Microsoft Word
  • Learn the site words for the grade level of your story.
  • Use the Children’s Writers Market to find agents to market your story to.

Everyone’s journey in writing is different and we have different skill sets. Strengthen your weaknesses. Never quit learning. Do not give up.

Happy Questing!

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