Be A Time Hoarder

In some ways I compare myself to a dragon. I’m fiercely protective of my own and a bit of a hoarder (you’ve seen my books right?). While most hording tendencies I keep a rein on I’m actually doing the opposite with time. I really like my time. It’s in limited amounts and rare in my life.

So its a good day when I get time to burn down my to-do list.

One item on my to-do list has been to find an agent. At the beginning of my search, years ago now, I was naïve and unbiased, but things have changed. I’ve come to understand a few things and if you are a hoarder of time like me you need to know these.

The internet will suck up all your time like a goblin and you will never get it back. DO NOT fall pray to the internet goblin.

Choose your allies carefully. If an agent, editor, or anyone asks you to submit your work with requests outside the norm, beware. If you have to watch a YouTube video for the password to include in your query, if you should read their book first, if you need to include money, if your platform needs to be a certain size… None of these requests place the correct value on your time.

You are a writer, it’s your job to write, edit, and repeat.

Extra hoops outside of the normal (query, synopsis, pages) is not the type of person you want to work with usually, they could be a goblin in disguise! So value your time appropriately and hold those you work with to the same standard.

Release your dragon and get your stories captive on the page by hoarding your time!

Happy Questing!

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