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Creative Abandon with Signs

So I may be in a slump with writing. I’ve got ideas and words are being written but a Twitter fight has left me a bit scared to share my stories. THIS IS AWFUL. I mean why am I so upset? Mostly because the fight wasn’t rational, it wasn’t even about what was IN my story but what MIGHT be. So it’s time to regroup and recharge.

I met with my writing pals, their encouragement gets me through each week.

I also made some signs. Just for giggles and let me say I did giggle. These were super fun. Using all my favorite story places, locations I’d love to wander in, I made signs. I used an  pallet and a piece of of broken fencing for my signs and a post from a porch long torn down. Which of these places would I find you exploring in?

I’m going to put these signs along a walking path in our woods so when I need to recharge I can go and let my imagination run free again. What do you do when your creativity is challenged by those in the industry? Do you rally and go again? Do you reevaluate? Do you quit the project?

Don’t give in, I’m rooting for you!

Happy Questing!

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