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Q-Kids: Gourd Bowls

My kids are obsessed with Native American history and all things artifacts right now. I want to take advantage of their desire to learn in a positive way.

We’ve done a dig site already and found a few things. We’ve searched a few local farm fields for arrowheads. We’ve visited a nature preserve focused on a local tribe. We’ve even built a campsite in the woods . Now my kids want to add authentic things to the camp site.

First on the list is bowls. I had a few dried gourds from last seasons garden. I intended to make these into bird houses but this project is just as fun .

Using a saw I cut the top portion off each gourd. We cleaned out the inside, setting aside the seeds to plant. Then we painted them. After drying I sealed them with spray polyurethane. Now we are ready to furnish our campsite and continue learning about the past.

What are your kids obsessed with learning right now?

Happy questing!

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