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Dollar Store DIY Fall Wreath

I wanted to decorate my front door for fall so I drove down to the dollar tree to pick up some supplies for a fall wreath. I purchased some fall colored flowers, a glitter pumpkin, burlap and a wreath base and started to piece it all together.  Grab your hot glue gun because this is a super fun DIY!

About $5 worth of supplies and a lot of hot glue will be enough to get a beautiful fall wreath for your front door!


Step one make a bow

Making a bow like this is really quite simple you need three pieces of ribbon.  I used burlap to match the theme but you could use any ribbon you have on hand.


Cut one long piece this is going to the ends of the bow.  Then cut one small loop and one larger loop.  Stack them up on top of each other from biggest to smallest and take a piece of twine and tie a knot in the center of them.


Then you can cut a triangle off the ends to give them a finished look. You should also take an extra bit of burlap or ribbon and wrap it around the twine to make it look cleaner.


Now you are all set to attach it to the wreath with hot glue or you can use wire.


Step two Add flowers!

Now to the super fun part! Cut up the flowers into smaller sections and start adding as you please.  I added a sparkly pumpkin but you can also add more pumpkins and paint them to add more color to the wreath.


Try to create a little bit of flow by decorating one side or using longer flowers or feathers.  You can also center everything it just depends on the look that you want.


Hang your custom wreath and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

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