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Visiting Duke Gardens

Every time someone visits I try to make sure to take them to Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina.  It's free admission and parking is very cheap or free at certain hours.  If you are ever in the triangle during spring time you should visit the gardens. Check out my photos below of my trip.… Continue reading Visiting Duke Gardens

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DIY Fluffy Slime & Floam!

If you have been on instagram at all you probably have been bombarded with fidget spinners and satisfying slime videos.   Here is a quick DIY to make your very own fluffy slime and Floam! This is a great DIY for kids it only is a couple ingredients and is super simple! Supplies for Fluffy… Continue reading DIY Fluffy Slime & Floam!

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DIY Tea Towel

I love decorating with tea towels in my kitchen.  This super simple DIY shows you how to customize your plain white tea towels into something beautiful! Supplies: Pack of white tea towels (10 pack at Walmart for $7) Fabric paint Thick paper or something to make a stencil out of, you can also buy a… Continue reading DIY Tea Towel

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DIY Hand Embroidered Patches!

I love decorating my blue jean jacket so I decided to give hand embroidery a try! Embroidery can be hard but it reminds me of lettering, it's relaxing and you can do it whenever you have extra time or are waiting on something.  Check out my hand embroidered patches DIY below! Supplies: Fabric (Muslin or… Continue reading DIY Hand Embroidered Patches!

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DIY Photo Banner

If you are you looking for a simple decor DIY that you can make quickly, I have the perfect DIY for you!  Baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, you name it, this DIY would work great! Supplies: Scissors String or Ribbon Wooden Beads Wooden Clips Photos Tape   How to: This DIY is the… Continue reading DIY Photo Banner

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DIY Headache Balm

Its allergy season here in North Carolina and I get so many headaches from allergies.  I usually use a little bit of peppermint oil to relieve my headaches but it can be a pain to find a carrier oil and then mix it before applying.  I decided to make up a batch of headache balm… Continue reading DIY Headache Balm

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DIY Event Signs

I'm helping organize my sisters baby shower and found a fun way to make signs for the event.  By using the clear plastic frames at the dollar store I was able to DIY a sign that fits the theme and looks so pretty! Supplies: Clear plastic picture frames White and gold oil paint marker Printed… Continue reading DIY Event Signs

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DIY T-Shirt Stencil Art

Grab your freezer paper and fabric paint because we are going to use it to makeover a  t-shirt! My sister gave me a magnet that had the Quest Type logo on it and that got me thinking that I should make a shirt with our logo on it.  Freezer paper makes this DIY super easy and… Continue reading DIY T-Shirt Stencil Art


DIY Card Table Makeover

A couple Christmas' ago I won an old card table in a white elephant gift exchange.  Card tables are actually super useful because they fold up and you can transport them wherever you need without taking up much room.  I have used it a lot since I've gotten it but to be honest its old… Continue reading DIY Card Table Makeover

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Dollar Store DIY: Geometric Mirror Display

This dollar store DIY is an awesome way to display items and is super simple to make.   All you need is a couple supplies from the dollar store and you have yourself a beautiful geometric mirror display! Supplies: 3 mirrors from the Dollar store(these are next to the candles at dollar tree) Hot glue… Continue reading Dollar Store DIY: Geometric Mirror Display

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DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes

After making the DIY Galaxy Shoes I fell in love with the process of making art on canvas shoes.  It's so much fun to create and also to wear around! We have a Walmart across the street from us and, I admit, we go there sometimes. At my last visit I found canvas shoes, they are… Continue reading DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes

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5 Easy Pom Pom DIY’s

Last week I shared with you a review on the Pom Pom Makers that I bought.  This week I wanted to give you 5 Ideas to use on all of the pom poms you made with your new pom pom makers! 1. Key Chain Key chains are fun to make.  You can use beads, pom poms,… Continue reading 5 Easy Pom Pom DIY’s

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Pom Pom Maker Product Review

I LOVE making pom poms! I found these cute Pom Pom Makers on Amazon and decided to give them a try.   I usually make my pom poms with just cardboard or a fork. I bought these because I wanted to get really fluffy and consistent shaped pom poms for my next DIY project. Below is my… Continue reading Pom Pom Maker Product Review

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DIY Dino Magnets

This  DIY will be something your kids will love to use to hang up their artwork! This fun DIY is super easy and the colorful Dinosaur magnets will be something fun to have up on your refrigerator. Supplies: Plastic Dinosaur Toys (you can purchase at the dollar store) Spray paint (try gold or a pretty… Continue reading DIY Dino Magnets

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DIY Geometric Wooden Candle

Target has a craft section that has some items like wooden signs, shadow boxes and trays that serve as a blank canvas for any project.  I bought a small geometric wooden planter that happened to be on clearance for $2 from their craft section.  When I first saw it I instantly knew it would be… Continue reading DIY Geometric Wooden Candle

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Sweet Potato Tuna Cake Recipe

I love making zucchini fritters in the summer when there is a lot of zucchini available.  I have been craving them, but since it is winter I decided to use sweet potatoes instead. Almost every  time I go to the farmers market in the winter I grab a couple sweet potatoes to cook with.  They are great… Continue reading Sweet Potato Tuna Cake Recipe

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DIY Makeup: Beet Root Blush

Have you ever wanted to try to make your own makeup? This DIY is super easy, it only has two ingredients, and doesn't take very long to make at all. Beets have so much pigment in them, if you cut up a beet without gloves your hands will be stained from the juice.  That's why… Continue reading DIY Makeup: Beet Root Blush