Peach Butter

Peaches are 99 cents a lb here so I have been trying out some new recipes to use peaches in! I picked up just a couple from the grocery store to try making some peach butter. Check out how I made it and my recipe below! Ingredients 4 big peaches 1/4 cup of sugar Squeeze […]

Basil Oil Recipe

Ingredients 2 bunches of basil Boiling water Ice bath Oil strainer with cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer Oil container How To Take your basil, leave it whole on the stems, the stems will add color and some flavor to the oil.  Blanch the basil for 20 seconds in boiling water and then set in […]

Summer Salad Recipe

In the late summer I find so many good deals on fresh ingredients from the farmers market that I often over buy and do not know how to incorporate it all into my meals. Fresh salsa, fruit salads, roasted veggies, so many options! I thought I would share a super simple recipe that you can […]